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LIEKKI® active optical fibers are fabricated using our proprietary direct nano-particle deposition process resulting in high performance and high reliability.

Absorptive, powerful, reliable.

We offer active and passive optical fibers (produced in Finland) for CW, quasi-CW and short-pulsed fiber laser and amplifier applications extending from the low to the high power regime. LIEKKI® active optical fibers are fabricated using our proprietary direct nano-particle deposition process resulting in high performance and high reliability. Active fibers are available with either Ytterbium (Yb) or Erbium (Er) and offered over a range of dopant concentration levels, cladding types and core diameters.

Proven Reliability

Unmatched reliability proven over the years with thousands of high power lasers deployed across a variety of industries and applications.

Independent Core Profile Control

nLIGHT Liekki fiber provides precise profile and doping control with hundreds of layers of nanoparticles.

Direct Nanoparticle Deposition Process

nLIGHT’s proprietary single-step deposition process reduces background loss and application length to provide higher efficiency.


The most accurate fiber core NA measurements coupled with excellent homogeneity and batch-to-batch uniformity provide consistent performance.

Features and benefits.

Absorption for ultra-fast pulsed fiber lasers

  • Highest absorptions enable shortest fiber lengths.
  • Application lengths reduce by up to 30% compared to industry standard.
  • Breadth of polarization maintaining fibers optimized for beam quality and high nonlinearity threshold.
  • Ideal for your ultra-fast fiber laser.

Power and reliability for continuous wave fiber lasers

  • Leading high-power CW fiber laser manufacturers trust LIEKKI fibers.
  • Thousands of multi-kW class fiber lasers with nLIGHT fibers in the field.
  • Proven long-term reliability at multi-kW power levels.
  • Low background loss and high efficiency.
  • Coatings support high power, temperature and humidity for consistent performance in any environment.

High-power delivery in diode lasers and fiber lasers

  • nLIGHT passive fibers for any component in your fiber laser: designed to match.
  • Choose from a variety of multimode fibers to meet your power delivery needs.
  • nLIGHT delivery fibers support multi-kW applications for thousands of hours and performance.

Batch-to-batch consistency

  • Precise radial control of dopants and RIP deliver batch-to-batch uniformity and the best core NA tolerances in the industry.
  • Leading fiber laser manufacturers choose nLIGHT fibers for reliability, consistency and performance.

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