technotrans omega.k Line

Ideal for demanding applications - energy-efficient auxiliary cooling system in a compact, modern design.

technotrans omega.k Line

A robust refrigeration technology, customized for the respective application, is the prerequisite for a reliable, stable and economic production process.

For more than 40 years the technotrans group is a strong and competent partner for cooling, temperature control and filtration and offers high-quality system solutions for the graphics industry, the laser and tooling industry worldwide.

In order to fulfill the increasing demands for modularity and flexibility, technotrans has developed a platform, the new omega.k, with which customized cooling systems can be put together using standardized modules and assemblies.

technotrans cooling systems – proven technology

More than 130,000 refrigeration and filtration systems from the technotrans group are in the field worldwide. Whether project management, installation or maintenance, our international team of experts knows what challenges our customers face each day. The technotrans Customer Service Center can be reached around the clock. Over 200,000 spare parts are available worldwide and can be on customer site within 24 hours.

Equipment and Features

  • operator-friendly design
  • high control accuracy
  • energy-efficient design
  • temperature control / heating via heat pump principle
  • wide range of voltages including UL type

Technical Data

  • cooling capacity: 4 kW to 300 kW
  • ambient temperature: up to 42°C
  • control accuracy up to +/-0.5K
  • flow: 15 to 500 l/min.


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